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Entry #1


2008-01-05 19:40:44 by BAL-Ambi

im happy to anounce that somewhere in the near future i will be collabing with EN3RGIE aka Dj Spada himself! it will be based on ambient with a trance feel to it

i think it should turn out pretty well i will as usual use the piano but try to be a little more creative and reverb it differently etc

i have one problem though

i had all of my loops samples waves etc all saved on my external hardrive and my hardrive decided to whipe itslef clean so im currently going through and checking whats missing (MOST OF IT!)
and i will eventually have them all back.

i hope you all enjoy the song anyway!




that is hot!

hmm vindaloo that explains it



by the way downvoters dont even bother!

oo cookies!


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